Fun Video from yet another recent trip to Baja. A collaboration between the Be Kind Vibes and myself. We show a quick surf session and beach cleanup. Featured on

"Matt Hickey and Drew McGill score some fun surf on a day trip in Baja. Uncrowded point on MLK Day 2015. After surfing they take some time to walk around and pick up a few pieces of trash and say 'hi' to the local dogs. 

::We shot this quick video on a day trip to Mexico. It was super windy and we almost didn't even film. The surf was empty and we knew that if we didn't get any footage we would regret it. By the time we started filming there was absolutely nobody in the water; switching off filming and getting waves we kept an eye out for set waves and any sign of danger in the water. Most of the time after a session at home or while visiting a new spot we try and pick up a few pieces of trash around the immediate area, leaving the spot a little bit more pristine than when we arrived. The locals down there are all good vibes and after a few tacos and a beer we packed up and headed for the border::"