Milo + Nicki Collection 2

Kestrel and I produced a photoshoot recently for Milo + Nicki. We worked through Falcon Related to pool our resources and team up for a day-long fashion photo shoot. 

Kestrel took care of most of the front end production details and plans. I pulled location permits and made sure gear was in order. Before when knew it, the day was upon us and it was go time. Thankfully, we had the super crew with us including Jess Tyransky HMU, model Natalie Boras, photographer Ernesto Ortiz, as well as Milo + Nicki designer, Nicki Patel. 

The plan for the day was a full day fashion photo shoot on location in Balboa Park. We had an early 8:00AM crew call time and ended up wrapping around 7:30PM.

The shoot went very smoothly with the exception of one thing. I was shooting tethered into a computer so everyone could view the images as they are shot and give improvements on composition, lighting and other technical aspects. All of a sudden, the images stopped flowing through our cable into the computer. Within minutes of trying to find a solution (right before I was in full panic mode), I made the call to shoot only to the camera for the rest of the day. While I like offering to tether for my clients, we all easily adjusted and it made the location shoot a lot more fun and less cumbersome. 

Fast forward, Nicki launched her collection on November 9th. Click over to her website and Instagram for more of her designs and to view the collection. 

Some of the photos + some BTS below