Back in May I had the chance to assist Chris Park and Adam Feuerman on a video shoot for EA Sports. 

The video was a teaser for Madden 2018. The idea was to have the 2018 Rookies guess what their Madden ratings are ... then, they would be told on camera what their ratings really were! These guys were literally just finding out this information on the spot, and some of their reactions were really good. They were given a set of emojis to express how they felt about the ratings and slapped them on the white board in a classroom setting. I loved the concept and all the players had a lot fun with it. I have to admit, it was a strange feeling to be throwing paper airplanes at these giant dudes, but that actually really helped lighten the mood. 

The whole video was shot inside of an executive meeting room in the Beverly Hilton. We had to make the inside of that room look like a classroom and pretty much had one afternoon to do so. A lot of pre-planning went into making that happen, so when it came time to roll the camera, everything was good to go. White boards were ordered before hand and all the supplies had to be gathered. A local prop company supplied the teacher's desk which was so freaking heavy. 

The shoot lasted a day and a half. We had about 15-30 mins with each player. Everyone that came through that room had so much respect and humility it was very refreshing to see. Those guys have the rest of their careers ahead of them, and they are stoked to be playing this game.